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From Virtual Friends to Authentic Relationships With the rise of social media, more of us are managing our relationships online instead of in person. Technology that was meant to make communication easier and faster for busy people may have met its goal, but often at the expense of intimacy and meaningful conversation. In many cases, friendship has become a status decided by the click of a mouse. Kindling a relationship or cutting one off is as simple as “friending” someone or removing that person from your list. And someone with a thousand-plus online pals may be the loneliest person on the planet. If you can identify, you’re not alone. That’s because each of us is wired to thrive in the context of real relationships; live interaction with real individuals, such as is shared by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s how we give and receive emotional sustenance and support. Yet this type of intimacy can’t be achieved online. Join Donna Carter on a journey to stronger, more satisfying relationships as you explore: The risks of being vulnerable and why they’re worth it Qualities to seek out in a friend, as well as to cultivate in your own life Toxic relationships and how to avoid them Steps toward reconciliation, including forgiveness The purpose of solitude in refreshing the soul And more! Experience a richness in your human relationships that you’ve never experienced before. And, as you do, draw closer to the One who designed you to love and be loved, by other people and by Him.