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Randy and Donna were so young when they married in 1981, they practically raised each other. Or rather, they tried. After 7 years of marriage, Donna was convinced of the futility of raising Randy, and had their first daughter followed by another in 1992.

Before 2014 Randy and Donna both thought they had a pretty good marriage but that year their relationship hit a wall. That crisis became the catalyst for a renaissance in their marriage. They now realize they didn’t know how great their marriage could be.

In 2016 Randy and Donna were invited onto the Family Life Canada‘s Speaker team for their Weekend Getaway and the Together for Good seminars. They infuse this brilliant material with their own stories and experiences in a remarkably authentic and vulnerable way. By inviting participants into the struggles and successes of their own marriage, they have helped to rescue, enrich and heal the marriages of others.

In addition to presenting the Family Life material in large conference and small retreat settings they have also developed a shorter marriage enrichment seminar called Tune-Up Tools for Deeper Intimacy.


“The Carters are clearly both seasoned speakers who know how to strike the balance of disseminating solid content, sharing personal stories, and facilitating moments where couples can engage in meaningful conversations. Their combination of lived wisdom and humour made it easy for everyone to participate, and they shaped an atmosphere that was conducive for open and honest sharing.”

View the full letter from Pastor Daniel Komori – Captone Church

“So again, thank you to both of you. For vulnerability and for speaking truth in a new way.  Our good and committed marriage may just get a whole lot better and more fun  =) “


“Thank you Donna & Randy for taking the time to help Brent* and I untangle the hurt we were experiencing after the love letter session. You were bang on with your counsel and both ‘got’ our issue and how we were each feeling! Your love and care for, complete strangers, was TRULY a gift from God! And your prayer was powerful and He was working in each specific way you prayed!”


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