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Teens And Technology

Learn to Discern I have to confess I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love the convenience of writing this article on my iPad. But I hate when my technology quits working, like my iPad did recently. I realized just how dependent I have become on the...

Grateful… 10 Things I Love About Fall

1. Boots! 2. Crunchy leaves 3. Brilliant colours 4. Harvest moons 5. Flannelette sheets 6. My down duvet 7. New TV episodes 8. No mosquitoes 9. Fires in the fireplace 10.My husband lives at home…a bit more I’m really a summer person. My favourite places are beaches...

Curious about what Randy and Donna have been up to with STM? Below are previous newsletters covering highlights of how God has been using them and STM to change hearts and lives.

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Our Haiti Earthquake Experience

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