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Nearly Spectacular

Last week I met a remarkable man. Because of a diving accident in his youth, he had been a quadriplegic for most of his life. But Walt doesn’t consider this a reason to see life through dirty lenses. Each day when I saw Walt and I asked, “How are you?” he responded,...

Just Ask

Just Ask! Today I had the remarkable experience of receiving what I hoped for in two situations where that outcome was unlikely. I was prepared to politely accept refusal, but I still had to ask. I had purchased the econo-size of a food product which I...

A Traveler’s Guide To Heaven

I have never been to Europe and have always longed to go. When my little sister was still in her teens she had the opportunity. When I saw her pictures I was so jealous that she had actually seen the Parthenon and Chartres Cathedral and many of the other edifices and...

Curious about what Randy and Donna have been up to with STM? Below are previous newsletters covering highlights of how God has been using them and STM to change hearts and lives.

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Our Haiti Earthquake Experience

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