Camp Qwanoes had 404 Jr. High campers at the week I spoke this summer. They always have a large variety of students at their camp and there are always kids who desperately need the hope and healing Jesus offers. As the week went on I could see God softening student’s hearts. About mid-week I gave an opportunity for students to surrender their lives to Jesus. At the end of my talk I invited students to pray a prayer a line at a time after me. I started “Dear God”. When I paused, a slightly hesitant chorus of Jr. High students repeated out loud “Dear God”. I have never had a group of students spontaneously pray to accept Jesus’ forgiveness out loud. I was a little taken aback and even said “you don’t need to pray out loud, but if you want to, that’s cool.” I continued “I know I have done things that are wrong, and that makes me a sinner”. The chorus grew a little bolder and louder!

It continued growing with each phrase! By the time I said “amen” tears were sneaking down my cheeks and the place broke into applause and hoots for those who had just publically become Jesus’ kids. In all, that week 48 students prayed to accept Jesus and are finding hope and healing!

In Mark 4 Jesus told a parable that indicated that not all who make the commitment to walk with Jesus will follow through with that commitment. BUT a number of them will, and their lives have been changed forever. I know many people who met Jesus at a summer camp and are still following Him today. Some of those people are Pastors, having a significant influence on others.

It is possible that God has planted the seeds of a spiritual revolution in the hearts of a bunch of Jr. High students whose hearts He got ahold of at summer camp this year!